NMRLC Williamsburg

Comprising the Naval Medical Readiness Logistics Enterprise

Naval Medical Readiness Logistics Command

‘We support readiness by providing deployable medical systems, high-quality eyewear and ophthalmic devices, and fleet logistical solutions.

‘We will be Navy Medicine’s premiere integrated medical logistics support activity.

The Reason for Our Success Is Our People - =

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Rita Lopez Senior Civilian of the Rica Hamilton Junior Civilian of the HM1(FMF) Woody Grayson, HM3 Madilinn Goodspeed Navy Year FY-21 Year FY-21 Sailor of the Year FY-21 Fabricating Optician of the Year

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Commanding Officer’s Core-4 Guiding Principles

SAFETY: We have the responsibility of providing sea and shore based med- ical logistics solutions to the warfighters. Losing a single team member to safety mishaps reduces morale and erodes trust in leadership. Collectively, we will maintain safe working conditions by promoting a positive attitude toward safety, holding each other accountable to strict adherence to policies and procedures, and constantly scanning for opportunities to improve work- place safety. Cutting corners or taking unnecessary chances, even when faced with aggressive timelines, 1s unacceptable. We must never forget that everyone plays a vital role in our mission success.

COMMUNICATION: Clear communication is the cornerstone of any suc- cessful organization. We will continually strive to communicate clearly with each other and ensure that our message is understood. We will actively incorporate all forms of communication mediums to ensure information 1s shared across the enterprise. Misunderstood or confusing information reduc- es command efficiency and effectiveness, and can result in mission failure. Every staff member and customer must feel comfortable and empowered to provide honest feedback on our performance. Always remember, some of the best ideas do not emanate from leadership but percolate up from the deck plates.

PROFESSIONALISM: Professionalism is one of the key attributes that enables the military to be effective in any situation. Be proud of who we are and what we do each day supporting the warfighter. Avoid rumors and speaking unfavorably of your teammates and your command. Our profes- sional and personal conduct must be above reproach. It 1s what the public and I expect from you. Know your job and continually strive to hone your knowledge, skills, abilities, and qualifications while simultaneously support- ing your teammates to grow and thrive alongside you. Never use the adage that we do it this way because that 1s how it has always been done. Strive to be a little better each day.

INTEGRITY: Trust and respect for one another regardless of rank or posi- tion are imperative for a positive workplace culture. I encourage honest and respectful communication. If you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to admit it and notify your chain of command. Attempts to blame others or cover it up can lead to disciplinary action, injury, or loss of trust from your teammates. Working together, we can turn mistakes into valuable opportunities to learn and grow as acommand. We are all leaders and ambassadors of trust and honesty, and it is my expectation that everyone will lead by example. I hold myself to this standard and I expect nothing less from you.